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The Top Comfy Bootie To Buy This Season

Kenneth Cole’s Gentle Soul Review


The other day during my lunch break, I head to my car to take a quick nap. Usually I take off my work shoes, lower my seat, and add some music to unwind,   This time around, I forgot to take off my work shoes and went straight to sleep! These booties feel so comfortable, it’s ridiculous! Booties with heels that can make your feet feel painless for more than an 8 hour day tends to be unbelievable. My line of work requires me to stand up for long periods of time. I got these booties because I thought they were cute. It made a believer out of me!   I come to find out these were made from a new creative process.  

(Listed below from“About Gentle Souls by Kenneth ColeGentle Souls by Kenneth Cole has created a natural way to combine fashion, comfort and care for your feet. This revolutionary patent-pending technology uses the finest natural materials for organic comfort in their shoes and sandals.  Deerskin lining- Gentle Souls´shoes uses supple and breathable deerskin-lined insoles providing softness and comfort while conforming to the shape of your foot. It is durable and will not stretch or crack when wet. Deerskin is normally found on glovesjackets or shoe uppers. The deerskin-lined insole is unique to Gentle Soulsshoes and sandals!  Flaxseed Memory Pillows- Flaxseed pillows are embedded in the footbed of Gentle Soulsshoes to mold to the shape of your foot and provide cushioned support. The flaxseed ¨memory pillows¨ are somewhat similar to beanbags as they redistribute and adjust to the shape of your foot with every step.  Padding- Under the deerskin lining there is a memory foam developed by NASA;  Poron®. This foam does not break down and maintains its shape over time.  Granulated Cork- This layer located under the Poron® helps with shock absorption when walking on hard surfaces.  Rubberized Outsole- Sometimes fused with leather, rubberized outsoles are flexible and great for traction on hard surfaces.”

 My bootie has leather in the inside, along with all of the above materials. Thanks Kenneth Cole for your thoughtful intention to make something that makes me feel pain free and comfy. 

Let me know what you think, do you find it possible to have heeled footwear that can stay comfortable more than an entire work day? Share below! See you soon beauties and beaus, Xoxo LaTi.    

After this review, you're gonna want to get yourself some one of a kind boots by Kenneth Cole. My Kenneth Cole's Gentle Soul Review

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