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My Story 

Fashion & Traveling became my therapy! 

Styling ran through my veins, but I didn’t owned up to it right away.  Growing up, I admired my Grandma Cookie who wore whatever she wanted unapologetically. She never considered herself a fashionista, but she looked amazing while putting her styles together. I wished I asked her for advice, but I’ve never thought about fashion then. Fashion became my passion when working as a nanny for style icon and entrepreneur, Kelis. I became her traveling nanny when I was in my 20s. Before our first international trip, she offered me a make over. From that process, I transformed into a more confident woman, and I took more risks in trying new fashion styles. I’ve found healing in my love for fashion, travel, and playfulness. I decided to create my blog in 2017. I wanted to create things that reveal the aesthetic beauty found in all skin colors and body shapes. My haus is a dwelling place, a safe refuge for women to learn to love themselves and form a fashionable image that brings healing and inspiration. They do not need to suffer in silence and always become ‘the strong one’.  I love helping women see themselves for who they truly are, and to help them let go of the things that no longer serve them. I think of it as fashion therapy. The undressing of who we are, and how we decide to clothe ourselves is important. It is just as important as healing the beauty within us.   

What I’m doing now.

I incorporate my passions by documenting my life of styling, traveling, & healing through content creating, acting, and hosting. I continue to have a lust for life, and inspire others to do the same.


My Vision

What I want for you

I don’t want you to just get your fashion styling right, I want you to get your soul right. 
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